Low-limb arteries disorders of elderly and old-age population in the north

  • Н. К. Минаева Komi affiliation of Kirov State Medical Academy, Syktyvkar, Russia
Keywords: low-limb arteries disorders, elderly population in the North


The article presents the analysis of examination and treatment of 177 elderly patients with low-limb arteries disorders. The analysis was performed according to the specifically developed investigation scheme. Obliterating atherosclerosis constitutes 82.5% of the overall low-limb arteries diseases. 49.3% of the patients revealed dyslipoproteidemia. 70.6% of the patients received conservative treatment/ 29.4% underwent surgery. We managed to maintain low-limb circulation in 92.7% of the patients. The scope and the stages of the conservative and surgical treatment are presented .


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Болезни артерий нижних конечностей у северян пожилого и старческого возраста
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