Decreased actin expression in patients with chronic atrial fibrillation

  • A. E. Schafler Department of Cardiac Surgery, University of Ulm, Germany
  • K. Kirmanoglou Department of Cardiac Surgery, University of Ulm, Germany


Background - Chronic atrial fibrillation is characterized by a severe contractile dysfunction and myolysis. Remodelling of the cellular ultrastructure develops progressively. Myolysis is associated with the replacement of sarcomeres by glycogen. The aim of our study was, to determine if myolysis is represented by a reduction in actin concentration. Methods - Right atrial samples from 18 patients undergoing elective cardiac surgery were excised and immediately frozen in liquid nitrogen. 8 patients had chronic AF (>3 month) and 10 patients were in sinus rhythm (SR). Actin concentration was determined by SDS-PAGE, Western blot and quantified by optical densitometry. Results - Immunoblot analysis demonstrated actin expression in all hearts. In myocardial samples from patients with chronic AF we found a 2.1 fold reduction in actin expression. (p<0.001) Conclusions - The decrease in actin concentration via myolysis, might decrease energy consumption and be an additional mechanism for contractile dysfunction in chronic AF.


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